Detail Services

Maintenance Clean Interior & Exterior $250


Door Frames

  • Cleaned to prevent rust and flaking paint


  • All surfaces including storage compartments

Compressed Air

  • In hard-to-reach areas focused around seat rails

Plastics & Vinyl

  • Left in the cleanest natural state

Steam Clean

  • Complete ventilation system included

Glass & Mirrors

  • Interior and exterior including sun visors

Item Removal

  • Personal items bagged and labeled


Door Frames

  • Cleaned to prevent rust and flaking paint

Tires & Wheels

  • Wheels brightened then tires dressed to perfection

Bug Removal

  • Prevents bug juice stains on forward facing surfaces

Included Tunnel Works Wash

  • Undercarriage spray prevents rust

Towel Dry

  • Wiped until spot free

Glass & Mirrors

  • Ensured to be spot free from haze

+$50 Interior Add-On Shampoo 

Shampoo Upholstery

  • This will help maintain your vehicles value

+$50 Exterior Add-On Restoration

Orange Spot Removal

  • Spots removed from each panel by chemical reaction

Tar Removal

  • Black gooey spots removed from each panel by solvent

Spray Wax

  • Evenly protects all painted and plastic surfaces

For questions or to make an appointment

Call: 315-457-7777
Text: 315-436-5237

  • Details are by appointment only Tuesday – Saturday
  • Details drop-off time is between 8AM- 9AM
  • Details are completed same business day
  • Appointments that not show will be required to pre-pay for future appointments
  • Please give us a 24 hour notice via call or text to reschedule

*We do not service vehicles with bodily fluids or excessive pet hair*